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Lavender Blend Uses

O+O Lavender blend is the most versatile of all and has almost endless uses! Like all of our blends, it is made with organic, high quality oils and has many different healing properties.

Lavender blend's uses are as follows:

-Dry skin and chapped lips. Using clean hands, simply massage into effected areas.

-Dandruff and "cradle cap". You can use Lavender blend two ways here. Apply to the scalp during shower or bath then wash thoroughly. For more severe cases and better results, apply generously before bed the night before your shower or bath and wash thoroughly the next day.

-Dry or damaged hair. Before washing: Apply the night before a shower or bath or half an hour before. Spread into your hands and apply to the ends of your hair as generous as you think you need. Be sure to get every strand. Comb if you prefer. Then wash very thoroughly. After washing: Spread a SMALL amount into your hands as if you had only used just enough for it to have been your hand lotion. Finger through damp or nearly dry ends. If you're unsure of how much to use, then use less than you think you should at first.

-General moisturizing or massage. Warm in clean hands and apply anywhere on the body.

-Minor cuts and burns. Lavender blend is disinfecting, anti inflammatory, antiseptic, anti bacterial and helps relieve pain topically. Apply a small amount as many times a day as you wish for as long as it takes the abrasion to heal. This blend will minimize scaring and will naturally heal you much quicker than if you didn't use anything at all.

-Soothes stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia. Apply Lavender blend on the temples, front and back of neck, chest and feet to help calm the mind and relax the body.

-Bug repellant. Apply anywhere on the body that is exposed to use as a bug repellant. Our Lemongrass blend is also a fantastic and effective bug repellant.

-Eczema and Psoriasis. Apply directly to the effected areas. My customers get a lot of great results for this particular usage.

-Diaper rash- cloth diaper safe!! Apply to baby's clean bum after each diaper change as needed. Lavender blend will NOT build up in cloth diapers and are 100% cloth safe. This blend is anti fungal, anti inflammatory and antibacterial so it will provide optimal healing for any diaper rash. (Note*any diaper rash that lasts for over 3 days is likely a yeast rash and you will need to take extra healing precautions in this case.)

-Anti-wrinkle. Apply twice daily to a clean, dry face (and neck+chest). Lavender blend has anti-aging properties, tones skin and firms skin.

-Hair loss (alopecia). Apply directly to effected areas. If you apply to scalp, was thoroughly after at least 30 minutes.

-Headaches or migraines. Apply dabs with your fingertip to temples, behind ears, upper lip area, back of neck, and chest. Apply enough that you can smell it once you're finished with application. (Note*if your headache is sinus related, I suggest our Eucalyptus Peppermint blend as your remedy.)

Uses not unique to Lavender blend, but unique to all O+O products include:

-Effective skin/face moisturizer. Using clean hands, massage your favorite O+O blend anywhere on your body. All blends are intensely moisturizing, anti-aging, deeply penetrating, anti-inflammatory, nourishing, and lubricating.

-Effective antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Apply directly to any cut, abrasion or burn for fast healing. O+O blends will relieve the itch, ensure minimal scaring, reduce pain and inflammation, and fight infection.

-Sunscreen. All of our blends are naturally SPF 10 blocking 90% of UBV rays.

Pro tips:

-O+O blends stay in solid form below 76*F and become liquid above 76*F. Please take care in opening your jar if your product is melted. It will work just the same either way, but if you prefer a solid product just place your jar into the refrigerator until solidified.

-Being that our products melt at 76*F, your body temperature will melt the product ensuring even coverage, deep penetration, and will go a very long way. Because it does goes on as a liquid oil, it will be "greasy" for a moment but it will always soak in completely within minutes.