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What our customers are saying!

"...yesterday I had a sun rash on my arms and chest. I had a jar in the fridge and when I applied it to those places it cooled it down and relieved the itch immediately!! Thank you!"

"I had a burn from a steamer on my wrist, I began applying O+O to it as it was healing and it has made a noticeable difference in the scarring! Wish I had a before and after pic! Also helped with the itch that came with the burn!!!"

"I use the lavender blend when [my daughter] has diaper rash. It really helps to clear it up quickly! When she gets it, I put a bunch on at bedtime, and it's usually almost gone in the morning - awesome! Her skin is really sensitive, so it's nice to have something natural that works so well. Plus I love that it isn't stinky or gooey like some other diaper rash products. I just ordered two more jars today!"

"Love your products, we use them everyday! Both my girls have very sensitive skin so the all natural blends are just perfect for them. We use the lavender blend for my oldest when she gets out of the bath right before bedtime. It helps soothe her and really softens her skin. I also use the lavender blend to do infant massage on my youngest and within minutes of finishing she will fall asleep and sleep peacefully for hours. My husband uses it on his psoriasis, it cleared it up within 48 hours. Its AMAZING! My personal favorite is the Eucalyptus and peppermint blend. It smells good, feels good, and I use it everywhere from my hair to my feet. I also used it just recently to help my little ones breathe a bit better during a cold by applying it to their chests before we went and sat in a steam shower. They sounded much clearer and could finally get some sleep which is hard during allergy season so thank you so much for such a wonderful product."

"I use the lavender blend and love it so much! My skin gets very blistered and dry. This has made my hands and face so much better. My face is very sensitive to products, normally I break out from and products except simple. This has replaced my face moisturizer. It works so much better and the smell helps me relax at the end of my day!! I highly recommend it!!"