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Lemongrass Blend Uses

O+O Lemongrass blend feels and smells AMAZING! This is one of our most popular blends. Like all of our blends, it is made with organic, high quality oils and has many different healing properties.

Lemongrass blend's uses are as follows:

-Minor cuts and burns. Lemongrass blend is disinfecting, anti inflammatory, antiseptic, anti bacterial and helps relieve pain topically. Apply a small amount as many times a day as you wish for as long as it takes the abrasion to heal. This blend will minimize scaring and will naturally heal you much quicker than if you didn't use anything at all.

-Headaches and migraines. Apply dabs with your fingertip to temples, behind ears, upper lip area, back of neck, and chest. Apply enough that you can smell it once you're finished with application. (Note*if your headache is sinus related, I suggest our Eucalyptus Peppermint blend as your remedy.)

-Stomachache. Simply massage into the stomach area or add about a tablespoon into a hot bath.

-Cellulite. Add about a tablespoon to a bath or use daily as your regular body moisturizer. Apply generously to effected areas.

-Insect control FOR YOUR PETS. Lemongrass blend helps keep fleas, ticks and lice off of pets and is safe for their skin. Massage into their skin during a bath or massage into their skin all over the body when going outdoors or into heavily wooded areas. *Always consult a vet before making any changes to your pet's regimen.*

-Bug repellant. This is an excellent bug repellant for all insects. (Eucalyptus Peppermint blend is best for specifically mosquitos.) Apply anywhere on the body whenever needed.

-Nervousness, tiredness, stress,anxiety, jet-lag. Massage into the throat, chest, neck, back, and temples to relieve any of these ailments.

-Pain and itching. Apply anywhere on the body where you are experiencing surface pain or itching especially pain and itching associated with cuts, burns, or abrasions.

-Muscle pain. Lemongrass blend's analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties will work together to relieve any muscle pain. Massage into any muscle that you're experiencing pain with.

-Respiratory and sinus conditions and infections. Add a tablespoon or so into a hot bath or a vaporizer to relieve respiratory and sinus issues. You can also apply to the chest, neck, throat, face and back to relieve symptoms.

-Muscle spasms. I have had many customers have excellent results with Lemongrass blend relieving muscle spasms. Simply massage into any problematic muscle as often as you need to.

-Toe fungus. Lemongrass is a very effective anti-fungal and will naturally cure any toe fungus or athletes foot.

-Deodorant. I use this blend daily as my deodorant and it works wonderfully! Apply 2-3x/day to the underarms. You may add baking soda to make a paste and leave on your counter but I find that it works perfectly without and some people have bad reactions from baking soda on their skin. *Keep in mind that O+O Lemongrass blend is a deodorizer and not antiperspirant.*

-Ligament and joint injuries including rheumatoid arthritis. Apply by massaging into any effected area for desired results. Lemongrass blend will seep deep into your skin and improve blood circulation and relieve pain and inflammation causing the pain.

-Dry skin and chapped lips. Using clean hands, simply massage into effected areas.

-Nausea, vomiting and morning sickness. Apply to the temples, neck, throat and/or chest. You can also either add into your bath or massage into a warm, damp towel or washcloth and drape around your neck.

Uses not unique to Lemongrass blend, but unique to all O+O products include:

-Effective skin/face moisturizer. Using clean hands, massage your favorite O+O blend anywhere on your body. All blends are intensely moisturizing, anti-aging, deeply penetrating, anti-inflammatory, nourishing, and lubricating.

-Effective antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Apply directly to any cut, abrasion or burn for fast healing. O+O blends will relieve the itch, ensure minimal scaring, reduce pain and inflammation, and fight infection.

-Sunscreen. All of our blends are naturally SPF 10 blocking 90% of UBV rays.

Pro tips:

-O+O blends stay in solid form below 76*F and become liquid above 76*F. Please take care in opening your jar if your product is melted. It will work just the same either way, but if you prefer a solid product just place your jar into the refrigerator until solidified.

-Being that our products melt at 76*F, your body temperature will melt the product ensuring even coverage, deep penetration, and will go a very long way. Because it does goes on as a liquid oil, it will be "greasy" for a moment but it will always soak in completely within minutes.