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Tea Tree Blend Uses

O+O Tea Tree blend is a must have for your medicine cabinet. Like all of our blends, it is made with organic, high quality oils and has many different healing properties.

Tea Tree blend's uses are as follows:

-Acne treatment. Tea Tree will dry out and disinfect pimples. Twice daily, apply a single layer to clean skin in place of your regular face lotion. You can also add equal parts of salt or sugar to make an acne-fighting scrub and rinse clean. For body acne, use either of the above mentioned methods or apply to effected areas during your shower or bath, then rinse clean.

-Fungal infection, scabies, athlete's foot, and ringworm treatments. Simply apply a small amount directly to effected areas of the body to treat and cure.

-Lice treatment (especially effective when mixed with our Lavender blend.) Apply to the scalp before or during bath or shower then wash very thoroughly. Repeat daily until fully treated. **It is important to note that this particular product is NOT SAFE FOR INGESTION so be very, very careful leaving jars around small children.**

-Antiseptic. Apply directly to cuts, boils, burns, insect bites or stings, and abrasions. The base to all of our blends will help with the pain relief, swelling, redness, itch, scaring, and infection that come along with these sort of ailments.

-Sore throat, cough, and bronchial issues. Since Tea Tree is not safe for ingestion, how can it treat internally? Easy! Simply massage into area around the chest, neck and face if you choose. You can also add a teaspoon or so into your vaporizer or into a hot bath.


Uses not unique to Tea Tree blend, but unique to all O+O products include:

-Effective skin/face moisturizer. Using clean hands, massage your favorite O+O blend anywhere on your body. All blends are intensely moisturizing, anti-aging, deeply penetrating, anti-inflammatory, nourishing, and lubricating.

-Effective antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Apply directly to any cut, abrasion or burn for fast healing. O+O blends will relieve the itch, ensure minimal scaring, reduce pain and inflammation, and fight infection.

-Sunscreen. All of our blends are naturally SPF 10 blocking 90% of UBV rays.

Pro tips:

-O+O blends stay in solid form below 76*F and become liquid above 76*F. Please take care in opening your jar if your product is melted. It will work just the same either way, but if you prefer a solid product just place your jar into the refrigerator until solidified.

-Being that our products melt at 76*F, your body temperature will melt the product ensuring even coverage, deep penetration, and will go a very long way. Because it does goes on as a liquid oil, it will be "greasy" for a moment but it will always soak in completely within minutes.